This means that space and time are not absolute and not independent of each other. There is a specific relationship between these four numbers: the square of the distance minus the square of the time (in appropriate units) is the same for both observers. The same might be true of space. When you travel in space, you also travel through time.

Since durations, measures and periods are real concepts so is time. There is a 4 dimensional coordinate system in use today. But there was no notion that space and time were in any sense “the same thing”. But then along came Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity—and people started talking about “spacetime”, in which space and time are somehow facets of the same thing. So, space and time are related, but not exactly the same (because of that minus sign). If those atoms can assemble themselves into space, presumably they could also reassemble into other structures. The fundamental reason for merging space and time into spacetime is that space and time are separately not invariant, which is to say that, under the proper conditions, different observers will disagree on the length of time between two events (because of time dilation) or the distance between the two events (because of length contraction). How Can Space and Time be the Same Thing? They aren't the same thing, but to some degree one can be exchanged for another. Earth and the moon aren't made of exactly the same stuff. To define your location, you have to state where you are (X, Y, and Z, relative to an agreed-upon origin), and WHEN you are (the time coordinate). Instead, they are two observer-dependent aspects of a single unified entity called spacetime. Thus, space and time are effectively interchangeable, and fundamentally the same thing (or at least two different sides of the same coin), an effect which becomes much more noticeable at relativistic speeds approaching the speed of light. Space and time are NOT considered to be the 'same'. Not related to each other, but literally two descriptions of precisely the same entity called 'spacetime'? Space and time are not the same thing. That's why time goes by differently for objects that go through space at different speed, as Einstein found out, that's why it's called the Theory of Relativity.

And that might explain many … One cannot understand existence without understanding spacetime. Notice the minus sign in front of the time term, and c stands for the speed of light. When you travel faster through space, you travel more slowly in time, and vice-versa. Space-time interval = sqrt(dx 2 + dy 2 + dz 2 - (c * dt) 2) is the same between the two events. But space and time seem so radically different. What does it mean for space and time to be the same thing? Space and time are two different directions in a 4 dimensional spacetime continuum. How could space and time be literally the same thing? space is a physical thing that exists. In the definitions you provided we find the key to understanding what time is. Nobody ever said they were. Here it is explained and visualized more or less well: YouTube: The Elegant Universe - Einstein's Relativity

Mass affects spacetime and spacetime affects mass. X, Y, Z and t (time). Time doesn't affect space. Going very quickly through space changes how you travel through time, and things which alter the shape of one (gravity) alter the shape of the other. By 1905 he had shown that FitzGerald and Lorentz's results followed from one simple but radical assumption: the laws of physics and the speed of light must be the same for all uniformly moving observers, regardless of their state of relative motion. Einstein showed that space and time are essentially the same thing, a single entity called 'spacetime'. Space and time are the same thing in relativity; that's why we call it spacetime. But then along came Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity—and people started talking about “spacetime”, in which space and time are somehow facets of the same thing. Think of it like this…. In the definitions time is defined as a "duration", "measuring" and a "period". Mass affects spacetime and spacetime affects mass. Therefore time is distance, measurable in the same units as 3 space. Humans invented what we call a meter to measure distance. space and time are not the same thing…. Time is not physical, it can not be changed or altered. Humans also invented time to “measure” when events took place. It makes a lot of sense in the formalism of Special Relativity, in which, for example, traveling at a different velocity is like rotating in 4-dimensional spacetime. For this to be true, space and time … Time is a measurement like an meter or a mile. They are NOT the same. For example: you are meeting your friends at a restaurant for dinner. They're not "the same thing" but they are linked. When …

during a discussion a friend claimed that since c is a universal constant it can be expressed as 1 without reference to any unitary measure. By Charles Q. Choi 09 March 2020 The new findings provide a boost to the giant-impact theory of the moon's origin.

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