Anti-oppressive practice (AOP) has taken root in social work as an effort to raise social justice commitments in the profession, and to improve outcomes for those it serves. Des milliers de livres avec la livraison chez vous en 1 jour ou en magasin avec -5% de réduction . Finally, social workers have always been concerned about issues of power, privilege, social class, and race and ethnicity. Empowerment links with anti-oppressive practice, in that the social worker can work with service users enables them to overcome barriers to solving problems.

Yet, for many of us reframing of the … Through anti-oppressive practice social work practice focuses on a more emancipatory form of practice which locates the individual people and their family within their social contexts and helps them with structural patterns of the society that perpetuate inequalities through promotion of choices. Anti-Oppressive Social Work. While anti-oppressive social work has become a central focus in theoretical social work discussions, the impact of its principles in the field is still marginal, especially in public social services. social-work practice an oppressive experience”(P.435) Reframing then allows social workers and social service workers to evaluate or take a second look at how they perceived certain practice relationship experience, and the impact such experience might have on their professional decorum. It will be essential reading for all those training to become social workers as well as practitioners wishing to engage with fresh perspectives on anti-oppressive practice. Critical, yet acessible, the book opens up possibilities for more culturally aware and more effective social work practice. Dalrymple et al, (1995) defines the anti-oppressive practice is about a process of change, ich leads service users from feeling powerless to powerful’ (Dalrymple andBurke, 1995). AOP’s influence is strongest in Canada, the United Kindgom, and Australia (where it has been a feature of social work education for more than fifteen years), and to a much lesser degree in the United States. Reframing of the mind & Anti - oppressive practice (AOP) -Cont.

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