Contemporary societal workers are sing the alone development of an anti-oppression attack that is bit by bit replacing long-established societal work theoretical accounts of single rehabilitation and self fulfillment. anti-oppressive practice Source: A Dictionary of Social Work and Social Care Author(s): John Harris, Vicky White. In an evaluation of anti-oppressive practice in the workplace, it is important to first define what we mean by oppression and anti-oppressive practice. Oppression is basically entrenched in society for the maintaining of its unequal position quo. Concepts of trauma-informed practice or care have been emerging over the past 15 years.

'Anti-oppressive practice', or 'AOP' is central to any discus 1 We have used the term 'service users' in this discussion to describe people who receive or are eligible to receive social work and social care services. The Oxford Dictionary definition of 'oppress' is to "govern or treat harshly" (Hawker, Cowley, 1998, p 350), yet here, oppression may have further connotations. Anti-Oppressive Social Work Practice that are defined by geography may be populated by individuals who share little, if any, affiliation beyond proximity. By the same token, communities that are defined by identity or interest may have widely divergent views on what that identity or interest means, and will also have multiple, intersecting identities. Anti-Oppression Policy; Issue Date: March 2012 Effective Date: April 2016 Approved By: Board of Directors Next Review Date: April 2017 By: Anti-Oppression Committee. Cooking Social Workers for Anti-oppressive Practice. Anti-oppressive theory and practice in social work seeks first to recognise oppression in communities, societies, and cultures, and thereafter to eliminate the pressure and undo the sway of such oppression. The addition of "and violence" is a recent and important change in language that helps to: Understand violence and its relationship to trauma.

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