What GRADE does provide is a reproducible and transparent framework for grading certainty in evidence. With the exception of the aforementioned items, normal grading criteria will apply. #N#Level 6 Criteria. The Grading Approach to Pins/Coins The grading of pins or coins often comes down to the strength or weakness of the eye appeal since the material in question is far less susceptible to wear than cardboard or paper. The criteria under each category have been written to reflect the change of emphasis that occurs as you progress between levels of study. GRADE cannot be implemented mechanically – there is by necessity a considerable amount of subjectivity in each decision. Two persons evaluating the same body of evidence might reasonably come to different conclusions about its certainty. Assessment Criteria: All Levels. #N#Level 5 Criteria. [7] #N#Level 4 Criteria. Please note that for book reviews, literature reviews, and written exams the criteria for ‘essays and other written assignments’ apply. Please find the HE Generic Grading Criteria below: Level 4; Level 5; Level 6; Level 7. The criteria have been benchmarked against national standards. #N#Level 7 Criteria.

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