Aarif sings on the CCTV's New Year ceremony on 31 Dec 2019, he sings a remix song: Beyond's Truly love you + Li Ke Qin's Red Sun. ... by Aarif Rahman Lee 李治廷 Fanpage. Listen to Songs lyrics in which Aarif Rahman has acted in. 14/9/2017 ... What is Hong Kong actor Aarif Lee’s actual name? Mandarin Movies Songs LUCAS RPX 868; 8 videos; 30 views; Updated today; Play all Share. Aarif Rahman(also known as Aarif Lee) joins a mini-movie production by Poman Lo with actresses Janelle Sing, Virginia Lau, Sunbin(Korean), among others. Watch free Rahman Aarif (1987)'s dramas online free | Dramacool 4:11. Aarif updates his Weibo on 19 May 2020 and says, you sang the song I wrote, we know each other because of this song "Wuzibei", and our friendship keep going on. Aarif was born on February 26, 1987 in Hong Kong, China. 李治廷 Aarif Rahman Li Zhiting I know you know, theme song for 2019 Chinese TV drama 我的真朋友 Wo de zhen pengyou My true friends Posted on 06/14/2019 by Chinesetolearn It’s great that there is no need for translation for it is a pure English song:) Enjoy! Most singers love to celebrate this kinds of function it in a private way. Aarif Rahman movie songs Aarif’s popularity skyrocketed through the roof after starring in the Fan Bingbing (范冰冰) series The Empress of China <武則天>, a historical drama about the life of China’s first and only female emperor Wu Zetian.. Listen to Songs lyrics in which Aarif Rahman has acted in. As like other pop stars, Aarif celebrates his birthday each year. Aarif Rahman..when you read it at first time, many will thought the name comes from someone in Malaysia, Indonesia or India (Indian Muslim). Aarif Rahman 李治 廷 (born on 26 February 1987), also known as Aarif Lee, is an actor and Cantopop singer from Hong Kong.After singing "Only Friends" at a gathering, he was signed by Alvin Wang and Leon Lai of East Asia Record Production and became one of the new artists in 2009. . Aarif Rahman Releases New English Single “Porcelain Princess’ Palace” By addy on March 3, 2014 in MUSIC Focusing on his film career in recent years, it has been nearly three years since Aarif Rahman (李治廷) last released a studio album. Aarif Lee also won "Best New … Aarif Lee was born in Hong Kong in February 1987. Aarif Rahman is one of most talented pop singer in the world. Aarif Lee covers Men's Health China magazine, photographed by Chen Man. But actually, … Hong Kong actor-singer Aarif Rahman (李治廷) is busier than ever. Aarif Lee Net Worth: Aarif Lee is a Hong Kong actor and Cantopop singer who has a net worth of $10 million. Aarif Rahman movie songs 白发主题曲 - 小至 MV Princess Silver by dimsum entertainment. In the movie, Aarif Rahman plays the boyfriend of Janelle Sing that evolves into a love triangle. by Aarif Rahman Lee 李治廷 Fanpage. QUIZ: Did you know these stars are Muslim? The celebration is organized in a lavish way among the family and friends zone. Lee Aarif Aarif Rahman.

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