The more people in the room, the more ideas you’ll get (and the more complicated the workshop becomes). There is a significant overlap between the Define and Ideation stages of a typical Design Thinking process. Any ideation goes through the rigour of each stage of this process.

Long answer: We have run ideation workshops with groups as small as 2 people and with groups of over 100 people. There is a lot written in general about good workshop planning. It is possible to run your own successful ideation workshop. Interpreting information and defining the problem(s) and ideation both drive the generation of problem solutions. Plan the workshop process 4.

Planning & Practicing the workshop. We use a basic framework that helps those ideas develop, no matter whether this occurs in a short, single workshop or across a week. Just remember there is a direct correlation between the quantity of good planning and preparation and quality of output.

I wasn’t sure what I was going to get out of it, and in a project with very limited amounts of time at hand, I viewed it as a bit of a waste of time. Ideation workshop doesn’t include prototyping & testing steps; More time for sketching, less rigid way of deciding ideas ( more open when we transition into the exploring phase of design) Can fit in less time ( half a day to two days) Typical Workshop timeline . A. Stakeholder interviews and 8 questions that yield unique insights I held my first set of stakeholder interviews because the project manager had sold them to the client and scheduled them in. Facilitating an awesome ideation workshop Feb 16 “Service design cannot be learnt by reading, but through practice” described Marc Stickdorn , co-author of the black book “This is Service Design: Basics, Tools Cases” (2011) . Therefore, in Part 2, we provided best practice facilitation tips.
Generally, you divide each group into smaller groups of 3 to 5 people. In the Design Thinking process, the Ideation stage often follows the first two stages, which are the Empathise stage and Define stage.
Select the right tools and prepare good stimulus However, in spite of even the best planning and preparation, itÕs still possible for the live workshop to go slightly off course.

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