Tourism industry needs transports in other to take tourists from one place to another because the aim of the tourist is to reach the destination. Transportation in tourism 1. In the aviation sector, a forecast found that by 2032 the world’s airlines will need 460,000 additional pilots and 650,000 new maintenance technicians to service current and future aircraft. Tourism is and has been the most common practice, whether it’s for business, leisure, or family vacations, the economy of many countries is sustained by tourism. Air travel has made significant changes in people’s minds … Because it’s one of the commonest of practices, the effects that it could have on the environment should be put under the microscope too. The Role of Transportation in Tourism Transportation and travel can be discussed without taking tourism into consideration, but tourism cannot thrive without travel. Air Transportation One of the most important transportation modes in tourism is air travel. As in all tourism-related sectors, cyclical labour shortages can significantly impact the transportation industry. Transportation is an integral part of the tourism industry.

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