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The Pat Hobby Stories are a collection of 17 short stories written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, first published by Arnold Gingrich of Esquire magazine between January 1940 and May 1941.

A Hollywood hack who has fallen on hard times since the end of the Silent Era, Pat Hobby spends his time hanging out in the studio lot attempting to devise schemes – such as pressing his secretary for blackmail material against a studio executive – to get more work and earn on-screen credits.

(Stories) Gingrich, Arnold. The setting: Hollywood: the character: Pat Hobby, a down-and-out screenwriter trying to break back into show business, but having better luck getting into bars. Introduction by Arnold Gingrich, publisher of "Esquire", in which the stories appeared from January 1940 to May 1941. The stories are of a comic nature with the main character of Pat Hobby serving as their punchline. [F Scott Fitzgerald] -- Seventeen episodes in the life of a Hollywood scenario hack in the late 1930's. The Pat Hobby stories.

Boil Some Water – Lots of It 2 / 5 Five stories by F Scott Fitzgerald about Hollywood hack Pat Hobby. 3 / 5 Pat is convinced that the young Orson Welles is stealing his thunder at the studio.

Hobby is an unappealing self-pitying schlub of a character, and much of the humor is of a nasty and cartoonishly meanspirited variety. The Pat Hobby Stories quantity Buy. by Fitzgerald, F. Scott. (Introduction) Seller Waverley Books Published 1962 Condition Near Fine in Near Fine dust jacket Written between 1939 and 1940, when F. Scott Fitzgerald was working for Universal Studios, the seventeen Pat Hobby stories were first published in Esquire magazine and present a bitterly humorous portrait of a once-successful writer who becomes a forgotten hack on a Hollywood lot. Pat Hobby is a down-and-out screenwriter in Hollywood, once successful as “a good man for structure” during the silent age of cinema, but now reduced to an alcoholic hack hanging around the studio lot. The Pat Hobby Stories.

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