Matilda Of Flanders, French Mathilde, or Mahault, De Flandre, (died 1083), queen consort of William I the Conqueror, whom she married c. 1053. However, most scholars, and the original leader of that excavation, Professor Dastague (Institut d'Anthropologie, Caen), do not believe this is the correct interpretation. Care was given to her education so she would become known for her learning as much as for her great beauty. Matilda of Flanders (c. 1031 – November 2, 1083) was Queen consort of England and the wife of William I the Conqueror.She and William had 10 or 11 children, two of whom were kings of England: William Rufus (1056–1100) and his successor Henry Beauclerc (1068–1135). Historians think she was born about 1031. During William’s absences in England, the duchy of Normandy was under her regency, with the aid of their son, Robert Curthose (see Robert II [Normandy]), except when he was in rebellion against his father. Matilda was the daughter of Baldwin V of Flanders and Adela of France, who was the daughter of king Robert II of France. Matilda of Flanders was believed, after an excavation of her tomb in 1959 and measurements of the remains, to have been about 4'2" tall. Early life. Matilda, like other princesses of her day, was very skilled at fine needlework.

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