Teachers could use this exercise to encourage student participation in political discourse, or they may find this exercise valuable as a tool for developing logical argument essays . Editor’s Name. May 2020. The rest of the paragraph should summarize your issue of concern in a way that captures the attention of the reader. Published: 5 Mar 2020 . Education + Letters .

You are Ranbir of 14, Jain Nagar, Ludhiana. Submit a Letter to the Editor. Published: 5 Mar 2020 . Use this form to send a letter to the editor of Education Week.

Write a letter to the editor airing your view on sex education. Latest Letters news, comment and analysis from the Guardian, the world's leading liberal voice Letter to the Editor: Education is key to success for children worldwide Updated 1:33 pm EST, Friday, December 29, 2017 Writing a letter to the editor or an opinion editorial (op-ed) can be a useful way to share your knowledge about infant-toddler issues with the local community and policymakers.

The true value of higher education. The letters represent the views of the letter writers, not those of The Daily News.Support civic education in R.I.Many students following the upcoming election feel voiceless due to the fact that they are too young to cast a vote for a candidate, or take action on the causes they feel strongly about. The cases of child abuse and HIV/AIDS are rising steadily. So let’s dive in-To give or not to give Indian adolescents sex education is gaining our attention. The Daily News reviews all letters to the editor we receive. But letters to editors are still appearing in many publications, and teachers find that assigning this type of letter is useful in developing many skills. Letters selected for publication may be edited for clarity and length. Newspaper Name Editor’s Address Date. These can be additionally used for the letter to the editor newspaper. Dear Editor, The opening line should reference the article you are referencing (i.e., With respect to the article “titled like this,”), and then state your position. Lockdown from a teen’s perspective.

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