"Kashō" and "Ike Mumei in" are the two seals most frequently used by …

‘A Shunga’ was created by Ike no Taiga in Nanga (Bunjinga) style.

Together with Yosa Buson, he perfected the bunjinga genre. Find more prominent pieces of nude painting (nu) at Wikiart.org – best visual art database. Ike no Taiga (池大雅, 1723–1776) was a Japanese painter and calligrapher born in Kyoto during the Edo period.

Ike Taiga, original name Matajirō, also called Ike no Taiga, (born June 6, 1723, Kyōto, Japan—died May 30, 1776, Kyōto), painter of the mid-Edo (Tokugawa) period (1603–1867) who, together with Yosa Buson, established the bunjin-ga, or literati, style of painting, which survives to this day in Japan. [7] Three seals are impressed on these two screens. Edo Period (1603-1868) Kyoto teemed with …
Together with Yosa Buson, he perfected the bunjinga (or nanga) genre.The majority of his works reflected his passion for classical Chinese culture and painting techniques, though he also incorporated revolutionary and modern techniques into his otherwise very traditional paintings. Ike Taiga (1723-1776) and his wife Tokuyama Gyokuran (1727-1784) were preeminent artists in 18th-century Japan. “The Genius of Ike no Taiga: Carefree Traveler, Legendary Painter,” at Kyoto National Museum, is magisterial. "Kashō " and "Ike Mumei in" on the Lanting screen, and "Taiga," "Ike Mumei in," and "Gyokkō Kōanri" on the Festival screen. Taiga is believed to have used as many as 115 seals, perhaps more. Ike no Taiga was a Japanese painter and calligrapher born in Kyoto during the Edo period.
日本語: 池大雅 (いけの たいが、享保8年5月4日 <1723年6月6日> - 安永5年4月13日 <1776年5月30日> )は、日本の文人画家。 This category has the following 2 subcategories, out of 2 total. English: Ike no Taiga (池大雅, June 6, 1723 - May 30, 1776) was a Japanese bunjin painter.

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