Motivation: How to get it, keep it and use it, even during a pandemic when you may need it most. Sometimes the motivation just won’t be there.

To get motivated to study, you need to train your brain. Take part in outdoor and family activities that increase your intrinsic motivation, like picnics and hikes. Exercise your brain.
For example… My writing routine starts by getting a glass of water. As a bonus, you can find out more about this point here: How to Get Motivated and Be Happy Every Day When You Wake Up. INSIDE: If you find it hard to find the motivation to clean house, I’ve got you covered!

By Kristen Rogers, CNN .
However, where most people get lost with excitement and motivation is that they don’t connect the “small thing” to the “big thing”. Sure, your job has unique benefits and great pay – but these are all extrinsic sources of motivation. So easy, I can’t say no. Step 1: A good pre–game routine starts by being so easy that you can’t say no to it. 13. Our jobs should not define us. Anxiety, depression, and self-loathing take over, leading to feelings of detachment and defeat.

Simple but incredibly effective, they’re guaranteed to help you get motivated to do the housework – even if like me, it’s not your favourite thing to do! How else are you going to enjoy everything life has to offer outside your 8-5 work hours? … When you're feeling depressed, it's natural to lose interest in things that used to make you happy. That’s why you need a study routine and study habits, because systems always beat motivation. Think of your brain as a muscle. 3. You shouldn’t need motivation to start your pre–game routine.

Updated 7:05 AM ET, Tue March 17, 2020 .

How to Get Motivated: 3 Steps For Developing Your Routine. When I realized that my complete lack of motivation and burn out was really affecting him, I knew it was time to get to the root of what was really wrong which leads us to step 2: 2. So don’t rely on feeling motivated in order to get the work done.

When you have mountains of homework ahead of you, getting started can seem like an impossible task. For example, if you have to do a mundane task that you don’t enjoy, if you don’t connect it to how it relates to your excitement, then it will be just that: a mundane task. In this post, I’m sharing the nine things I do that help me to keep things clean and tidy. Comedy is no longer funny, sports are no longer fun, spending time with friends is no longer engaging. How to Get Motivated to Study. So, when doing something "fun" or "active," do it with the goal to do it, not to enjoy it.

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