Share. Send to Friend. This is evidenced by the unbroken series of 9th century kings of Wessex named Æthelwulf, Æthelbald, Æthelberht, and Æthelred.

See more. Alliteration, the repetition of sounds at the beginning of words, can be found in just about every form of literature. Share. The Irish poet Seamus Heaney translated Beowulf with special attention paid to both the rhythm of the original poem and to the use of alliteration. Share via Email Report Story Characteristics: Alliteration is the repetition of the same sound or letter at the beginning of each or most words in a sentence. Alliteration is used in the alliterative verse of Old English, Old Norse, Old High German, Old Saxon, and Old Irish.It was an important ingredient of the Sanskrit shlokas. So, let's get right to it, as this is a fun literary device, and explore some alliteration examples. by Kazii_S Follow. Alliteration is meant to be more than a tongue twister, though. It's used to emphasize something important that a writer or speaker would like to express.

In just this short excerpt, we can see many repeated sounds, all highlighted in red. Alliteration was used in Old English given names. Share via Email Report Story Send. Even if the sentiment doesn't resonate, hopefully the audience's ears will perk up just a little. Alliteration was one of the key tools for making the works memorable enough to be told over and over again. Alliteration Description and Characteristics 581 1 0. by Kazii_S. Alliteration definition, the commencement of two or more stressed syllables of a word group either with the same consonant sound or sound group (consonantal alliteration), as in from stem to stern, or with a vowel sound that may differ from syllable to syllable (vocalic alliteration), as in each to all.

How to Identify Alliteration.

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