So, what determines how intelligent a dog is, and can you make your Pomeranian smarter? But it’s the Poms’ ability to learn and solve problems that make them incredibly smart.

However, you may sometimes wonder how smart the Pomeranian dog breed is in general, when compared to other dog breeds and also to people. Pomeranians are very smart dogs! They’re almost as intelligent as a small child and excel at reading your verbal and non-verbal cues.

Keep on reading if you want to know the answers. Part of the AKC’s description of the Pom includes is that he is “alert in character, exhibits intelligence in expression” and is “inquisitive by nature”. Although it may take some training, you've got to start early. Overview. According to Stanley Coren’s research on dog’s intelligence, Pomeranians are indeed more intelligent than Chihuahuas. According to canine psychologist Stanley Coren, they’re considered “bright dogs.” In fact, they’re ranked the 28th smartest dogs for obedience & working intelligence.

Are Pomeranians Smart? While Pomeranian rank 23rd, Chihuahuas take the 67th position. Pomeranians are also very sensitive and will always come to comfort you when you’re anxious, upset, or worried. Why Pomeranians are so smart is easy to understand. Pomeranians are very smart dogs. You obviously know your Pomeranian is very smart. You know that your Pomeranian is super smart.

Pomeranian Intelligence. So, are Pomeranians smarter than Chihuahuas? But you may be wondering how intelligent the Pomeranian breed is, in comparison to both humans and to other breeds.

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