Suitable for many but not all home printers. The fomulas below can be used for the conversion of the 2 units.

120-150 gsm: Average cardstock and comparable to a greeting card in weight. At 250gsm it is a decent thickness and works well in my printer. After a lot of searching for card at a reasonable price I found this card.

• 200 – 250gsm: This paper weight is the starting point of heavier card (board) and can add a quality finish to a brochure if used as a cover.

Caliper is a measurement of thickness, not weight. -> The paper should also be stable, but with folds not too thick.-> If you are setting a fold in colour, we recommend creasing from a grammage of 250gsm onwards so that the colour does not split at the fold. Call Minuteman Press Bristol to discuss the relevant weight and thickness of … Papers range from 65-80 pound (170-216gsm) cover, and are similar to a standard greeting card. Medium Weight Paper (170-216 gsm)-Like Your Average Greeting Card.

A4 Glitter Card Cardstock Premium Quality Low Shed 250gsm - 25 Colours + Mixed.

270gsm +: Card or board, widely used for postcards, business cards or invitations. These card stock sheets: Should be scored before folding to avoid cracking along the fold • 300 – 400gsm: Anything over 300gsm falls into the board category and this is usually the weight at which business card’s start.
The minimum thickness for EDDM ® (0.007″) is around the thickness of 3 sheets of printer paper stacked on top of one another. In China, the thickness of the paperboard is measured in milimeters, while point is used in USA, which is abbreviated to pt. 200 - 250gsm: Average Weight Card, Stamping Card, Embossed Card, Mirror Card, Printing Card, Decoupage Sheets: ... At a higher weight, a second measure is sometimes used to indicate the thickness of a sheet: 'mics', or 'microns' (one micron is equivalent to 1/1000 of a millimetre). Printer and Craft Card 250GSM Box A4 White Extra Smooth Pack Size : 1000 Sheets. Paperboard Thickness and Grammage Conversion Table. Medium weight papers are a collection of our lighter weight cover stock sheets, or card stocks. As a general rule, the thicker the caliper, the heavier the sheet. £64.00 Usually paper or card is sold by weight as opposed to thickness, but sometimes you may see Microns instead. - "Caliper" refers to the thickness of a paper in thousandths of an inch. Thickness of card sold usually starts at around 200 microns, and finishes at around 500 microns. Card thickness or calliper is traditionally measured in Microns. If you happen to have a ruler, you could also measure out a stack of mail pieces one inch thick and then divide by the number of pieces in the stack to determine the approximate per-piece thickness. Use the following table to convert different paper weights […] It came loose in a postal box, would have been better if it had been packaged, so obviously from a larger pack that has been split, but can't grumble about the quality. To be approved to ship via USPS, your paper must be at least 3.5 inches high x 5 inches long x 0.007 inches thick. Finding the weight of a piece of paper can be tricky if you don’t have the original packaging. Knowing a paper’s weight is important when working on paper engineering and pop-up designs because the thickness of the paper is the feature that most defines its stiffness. 170 gsm art paper (silk finish) 170 gsm art paper (gloss finish) 250 gsm art paper (silk finish) 2. Buy 250gsm Card and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! Your paper cannot be more than 4.25 inches high x 6 inches long x 0.016 inches thick.

100-120 gsm: Heavier quality paper or light cardstock. For example, 60pt=60*0.0254mm=1.524mm.

It’s advisable to order a sample and test on your home printer.

Great Savings Free Delivery / Collection on many items ... White Thickness: 300gsm. 180gsm – 250gsm: More sturdy papers and light card / board; ideal for printed flyers, menus and brochures. 1000 Microns = 1mm, so the higher the value, the thicker the card or paper.

Calipers measure a paper’s thickness in points or mils, with each point representing 1/1000 of an inch; for example, a 10 pt cover stock is .010” thick. Lighter than average greeting card weight and heavier than everyday printer paper.

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