There’s one site that surprised even me with how low these values really are. 1.

And years ago, many libraries simply tossed them out after converting them to micro or digital files.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by knip, May 22, 2008. The answer is a … Mostly, there are four factors that will determine the final value of an item. Bound Harper’s Weekly Jan. to Jun. to Dec. 1902 Much Mark Twain & Christmas 1902. Keeping newspaper accounts of Hurricanes Katrina or Sandy is a no-brainer for many people who lived through it. The newspapers don’t have to be ancient — just old enough to evoke nostalgic feelings in some people. Ending Mar 1 at 12:00PM PST. How to determine the value of old newspapers. New Listing Original 1904 Cripple Creek Mine Disaster Denver Rocky Mountain News Newspaper. Buffalo NY Express Yearbook 1914 Loaded with Photos Hotel Churches Businesses. For example, major events that increase the value of an old newspaper may include the bombing of Pearl Harbor, D-Day coverage, reports on the Battle of Gettysburg, and the assassination of John F. Kennedy. In today’s world, they’re generally seen as material for the recycler. 3 Ways to Make Money Using Old Newspapers. Joined: Jun 28, 2006 Posts: 11,102 Location: Somewhere in Bristol. Old newspapers that cover events of national or worldwide importance may be worth money to collectors. The answer is those that show events that are significant to you and your life. But do old or antique newspapers have any collectible value?

Ending Mar 1 at 12:00PM PST. Show only OP | Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > May 22, 2008 at 6:54 PM #1. knip. A part of very significant issues which are best kept together, dated May 12 and May 26, 1701. I did a bit of research on line about values of old newspapers.

Let face it, old newspapers don’t get much respect. 1902. Once you’ve found some old newspapers, here’s how you can use them to make extra cash. Capodecina. If you love collecting old newspapers, then it's important to understand what makes a vintage newspaper valuable. THE LONDON GAZETTE, England. The most important factor may be the historic importance of the event covered in the newspaper. Bound Harper’s Weekly Jul. Look for newspapers from at least 30 years ago, but experiment with newer ones if that’s what you have.

100 year old newspapers - are they worth anything?

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