Hello Everyone!!! Øystein Aarseth (Egersund, 22. ožujka 1968. At the time he was going by the stage name Destructor but soon changed his name to Euronymous, derived from the demon Euronomos. Mayhem was the first metal-band ever at Norway at the time. Bio je suosnivač norveškog black metal sastava Mayhem i njegov jedini stalni član od njegovog osnutka 1984. godine do njegove smrti 1993. godine. Er wurde 1993 von seinem einstigen Freund Varg Vikernes ermordet.

August 1993 in Oslo), besser bekannt unter dem Pseudonym Euronymous, war Gitarrist der norwegischen Black-Metal-Band Mayhem sowie Gründer und Inhaber des Labels Deathlike Silence Productions sowie des Plattenladens Helvete (norwegisch „Hölle“). During his teen years, Øystein Aarseth formed Mayhem in 1984 along with bassist Necrobutcher (Jørn Stubberud) and drummer Kjetil Manheim. This is a tribute page dedicated to Øystein Aarseth "Euronymous". ), poznatiji po svojem umjetničkom imenu Euronymous, bio je norveški gitarist.Bio je osnivač rane norveške black metal scene i njezin najistaknutiji član. 227 talking about this. Øystein Aarseth (* 22.März 1968 in Egersund, Norwegen; † 10. Join Facebook to connect with Euronymous Oystein Aarseth and others you may know. – Oslo, 10. kolovoza 1993. View the profiles of people named Euronymous Oystein Aarseth. Last week, Mayhem bassist Jørn 'Necrobutcher' Stubberud revealed that if Varg Vikernes hadn't beat him to it, he'd have killed Mayhem's guitarist, Øystein “Euronymous” Aarseth, himself back in 1993. Aarseth formed the original Mayhem line up in 1984. Øystein Aarseth, who went by the pseudonym Euronymous, was a Norwegian guitarist and co-founder of the Norwegian black metal band Mayhem. At the time he was going by the stage name "Destructor" but on joining the band he changed his name to Euronymous, derived from the Greek mythological spirit (daemon) of the underworld Eurynomos.

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