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king bharata family tree
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king bharata family tree

king bharata family tree

Again, congrats on an great job done. Bhîshma abducted her from her swayamyara to be his brother's bride. Source: Mahâbhârata, The Greatest Spiritual Epic of All Time, Retold by Krishna Dharma (Torchlight Publishing) & S'rîmad Bhâgavatam - & Bhagavad Gîtâ -, ABHIMANYU: The son of Arjuna and Subhadrâ. He felt his sons did not Her own father, Surasena, had given her as a baby to his close friend King Kuntibhoja, who had no children. capable of fathering sons of three women, still being emotionally unattached. Categories: Related content. neutral gender thus born was Budh. He said to Bhîma, "This lake was contained in Kumbhakarna's skull, the Rakshasa killed by Râma in a previous age [see Ramakatha Rasavahini-2, Ch. Once a rishi named Mandavya was mistaken for a robber. JARASANDHA: King of Magadha and a powerful enemy of Krishna. However, confused in the maze of stories and tales, one actually forgets the actual track. Hi Kushal,Would it be possible for you to post the high def pic on G+ or flicker and share the link on the blog?Thanks! [SB: C1:7,8,9,10,12,14,15,17; C2:7; C3:1], ASHVINI KUMARAS: Twin gods who act as celestial physicians. but his wives were fit to bear a child, then a hermit or a god. How does sex, lust, more sex, more lust, curse, incest, concubines, unnatural sex etc. :). ALAMBUSHA: A râkshasa who fought for Duryodhana in the Kurukshetra war. He was slain by Drona. Well just want to say few things here. Kripa was taught Dhanurveda, the martial arts, by his father, and he became one of the Kurus' martial teachers. Thanks again. Considering the daughter of the mother's brother will be your cousin, she will be considered your sister. He became king in Hastinapura after Pându retired to the forest. Known as "the ripened fruit of the tree of Vedic literature," Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam is the most complete and authoritative exposition of Vedic knowledge. It will make more sense watching the Mahabharata series on TV. (Legend, 18 very old books about the history of this planet and other planets). He is famous for having annihilated all the kshatriyas of the world after his father, Jamadagni, had been killed by a king named Kartavirya. He was killed in a wrestling match with Bhîma. Why dhuryodhan punished shakuni family is - gandhri mother of dhuryodhan was married to donkey to purify her from curses.Shakuni has always two side and he is chameleon in Mahabharat. This post is about Sanjay. woman following an accident when she entered a forest where Shiva had cast a spell. He was killed by Krishna. I am more glad about the fact that you reached this blog when you were exactly looking for something on this and did not just happen to drop here randomly. impotent husbands. also the the discussions are fabulous. O King Pariksit, Maharaja Bharata had three pleasing wives, who were daughters of the King of Vidarbha. ghee. (it was probably a euphemism for impotent/sterile) Pandu. ANGARAPARNA: A Gandharva chief; also known as Chitraratha, who met the Pândavas when they were fleeing from Varanavata after the burning of the lac house. Take a look at the following family tree. Now let us know the full family tree: ... *He was the last king of Ayodhya from Surya Vamsha. He was expert in the use of weapons, and both Drona and Drupada studied under him. When he was young, his father was impoverished. She is thus famous as one of the most chaste ladies in Vedic history. AKRÛRA: Krishna's uncle and a famous Vrishni. Bharata had conquered all of Greater India. The main story of the Mahabharata revolves around a giant rivalry between two parties of cousins, the Pandavas and the Kauravas, over their ancestral kingdom. Once Satyavati ferried the sage across a river and he was attracted by her beauty. Said to be an expansion of the deity presiding over the Dvapara age (third in the cycle of four ages), he was slain at Kurukshetra by Sahadeva. in the war only. This blog helped me understand the ancient 'Indrani Mukherjee' family better :P Thanks :D, hey I want to access full size of this image so please mail email id is just_dhara1989@yahoo.comthank you, Hi Kushal! DHRISTADYUMNA: Son of Drupada, born from the sacrificial fire. Bharata was a legendary emperor of India, and is referred to in Hindu and Jain theology. NAKULA: One of the twin sons of Pându and Madri, begotten by the twin Ashvini gods. DUSHASHANA: Duryodhana's eldest brother and one of his inner circle of close advisors. Moon-god, his lineage was thus known as the Lunar dynasty a.k.a. She was then reborn as Shikhandhi. PARAS'URÂMA: A rishi said to be an empowered incarnation of Vishnu. [SB: C1:13; C3:2,4,5,10,13,20; C4:13,31]. Please send me the full size of the family to my gmail id ggswami@gmail.com2. And BTW, it's Kushal. Vyâsadeva was immediately born and grew at once to manhood. Hence, Utthra's marriage with Abhimanyu did not shake me in anyway. Besides gods, there were rishis, gandharvs, rakshasas, nagas, He was killed by Krishna [SB C10-44]. After the war, his sister married Nakula. Happy Reading :). He was the father of the Kauravas. Jada Bharata, the Self realised Saint - King Bharata was really a blessed soul. combination of these, and many other softwares. ... Shantanu was a king of the Kuru dynasty or kingdom, and was some generations removed from any ancestor called Kuru. cursed the child in the belly to be born of neutral gender. Said to be an incarnation of the moon-god Soma's son. Famous for his perceptive powers and intelligence, he was appointed as Yudhisthhira's personal advisor after the Kurukshetra war. Generations later there was another ruler of the Bharata kingdom, called Shantanu, son of Pratipa and grandson of Kuru, who in turn was the grandson of Bharata. Although I have referred plenty of sources before summarizing this, there can be variations that occur from different narrations and interpolations of the epic over the generations. In her previous life she was an ascetic woman named Nalayani who received a boon from S'iva that she would have five husbands in her next life. SUBHADRÂ: Krishna's sister, (daughter of Devakî and Vasudeva) said to be an incarnation of Yogamâyâ, the Lord's personified spiritual energy. One of the sons of Budh, Pururava fell in love with the celestial nymph. We in Telugu has a different reason for Sakuni's revenge but I do agree to go to the main (we call moola bharatam) by Vyaas bhagavan. 8]. He became famous as the hearer of the Bhâgavata Purâna from the sage Sukadeva Goswâmî [see: SB: Canto 2 : Ch 8]. 44]. what else is missing. capable and allowed, did his job earlier than Pandu. They were found and brought to Shantanu, who was later told of their origin by Saradvan. Hi kushal .. Read your notes. this Rishi called Brishaspati who performed all sorts of yagnas for the gods to help them defeat their eternal enemies, Asuras. And you call it a book of Dharma where sex, lust, more sex, more lust, curse, incest, concubines, unnatural sex etc. These are Suryavanshis, Chandravanshis, Agnivanshis & Nagavanshis. Although, I got lost in the "Family Web" long time back, I would love to have the full size version of the Family Tree. I am reading a wonderful book called "Randamoozham" in Malayalam which has been translated in English as "Bhimsen' , written by the great Malayalam authour, director, script writer M.T. two results, Satyavati wanted another Niyog to take place but Ambika sent her Chitrasena was also the name of a king of Trigarta who fought with the Kauravas, and also the name of one of Karna's sons. The earth planet has been named after him, and it was common during the Mahâbhârata era to call his descendents by his name. When he was born, a heavenly voice announced that he would be a powerful warrior but would be beheaded by an enemy of unparalleled strength. Yes it will take years to combine to one page from multitude.And the comments - thumbs up and here I need add one point why shakuni want to devast hastinapur. DHAUMYA: An ascetic rishi who became the Pândavas' guru and guide. 1. The child was then named Jarasandha, meaning 'joined by Jara.' Folk tales and anecdotes from the Great Epic are undoubtedly affected over time, as none of these stories are cast in stone and are rather retold over generations; being affected by people's biases, insecurities and wisdom; retold sometimes for knowledge sharing, sometimes for money-making and sometimes for self-validation. by fathering sons on women who were either lonely or married to sterile and/or The brāhmaṇa Jaḍa Bharata became very kind to King Rahūgaṇa, and to disassociate him from the material world, he spoke figuratively of the forest of the material world. He did so during the great war. Drona was later born from that pot. pleasure, much like Puru, and even pledged to stay celibate throughout his life He was slain in the battle of Kurukshetra when just sixteen. He was the son of King Dushyanta of Hastinapura and Queen Śakuntalā and thus a descendant of the Lunar Dynasty of the Kshatriya Varna. He found Karna after Kuntî had cast him away in a basket [SB Canto 9, Chapter 24 verses 32 to 36] and raised him as his own son. There is no middle ground." The epitome of womanly skills, she once gave advice on how to serve a husband to Satyabhama, one of Krishna's principal wives. The Bhâgavata Purâna describes the history of his inimical relationship with Krishna. He was finally killed by Bhîma. Thanks a lot.. finally i came to know about entire familycould you please let us know about Lord Krishan family also.. You're welcome! I failed BHARATA: A king in the dynasty of the moon-god (all kshatriyas are descendents either of Candra, the moon-god, or Sûrya, the sun-god) who ruled the earth for thousands of years. He is said to be an incarnation of Dyau, the chief Vasu. The name Arjuna means "one of pure deeds." He attacked Dwârakâ in the huge airplane he had received from S'iva. She was said to be an expansion of the Goddess Lakshmi. cursed that his unison with his wife will be his moment of death, however had to find another way out. Great effort and excellent work!!! In another version from mythological sources, Bharata was the eldest son of king Rish… During Ambalika’s encounter with him, she turned pale and so was born the weak Said to be an incarnation of the Daitya Samhlada, Yudhisthhira killed him in the war. Satyavati so summoned her son from Parasara, Ved Vyas to perform Niyog on Amba In rage, Brishaspati Coming back to Bharata in Literature: According to the Mahābhārata (Adi Parva), Bharata was the son of King Dushyanta and Shakuntala and thus a descendant of the Lunar dynasty of the Kshatriya Varna. Whatever is there in the world is here! Hence the above said marriage seems to be in order only. Lord Rama Family Tree - Descendants of Lord Rama in the war of Mahabharata. Just wanted to share the thought here. Having already committed herself to Shalva, Bhîshma released her. Bharata went quickly into His father’s rooms and was alarmed to find the king not present. Acted as close confidant and mentor to Duryodhana. Bharata was born from the union of King Dushyanta and the daughter of Kanva Rishi, named Shakuntala. stop this epic from being a book of Dharma? This is an awesome blog :) Kudos to u for your effort :). Means "being maintained" in Sanskrit.This is one of the names of Agni, the Hindu god of fire, and is also the name of the brother of Rama in the Hindu epic the Ramayana.It was also borne by a legendary king, the son of Dushyanta and Shakuntala.The official name of the country of India, Bharat, derives from him. When Shalva rejected her as a wife because she had been touched by another, she developed an intense hatred for Bhîshma. She married Arjuna [SB: 10-86] and they had a son named Abhimanyu. If there is I liked the way u expressed and explained it in very cool way...Could u please send me family tree and the full version also..."". Some of As'vatthâmâ's friends, knowing that he had never tasted milk, once gave him a cup of water mixed with flour and told him it was milk. She was reunited with him in Hastinapura after the war. and a world wide web of a family tree which cannot be completed. Not Sanjay Manjrekar either. A story is told in the Skanda Purâna that Bhîma became a little proud after the war, considering that it was by his own power that he had achieved success in the war. Can you mail me (at the full family tree that you'd prepared. [see: Ramakatha Rasavahini, ch. i am satisfied.short bt pointable.unless understandig the skeletal system,the body never be figure should carry this type of unique of luck for next. "Well Mahabharat period ranges from 5000 B.C. looking as compared to the earlier Kuru sons who were well-built and were immaculately groomed warriors. He was taught by Agnivesha and Parasurama. hi kaushal,one correction is needed in flow chart, chitrangadha was unmarried whereas ambika and ambalika was married to vichitravirya.But both this ladies gave sons dhitrashtra and pandu from saint Vyas. [see also Bhagavata Vahini, Ch. PARASARA: A powerful rishi, grandson of Vasishta, who fathered Vyâsadeva by conceiving him with Satyavati when she was still a maiden. In GoT a character speaks a similar dialogue "When you play the game of thrones you win or you die. Family Tree of Puru Vamsha ; Yadu Dynasty (from Desiraju Hanumanta Rao) Mahabharata Genealogies (from Gilles Schaufelberger) Mahabharata Genealogy Tree from J.A.B. During Ambika’s encounter with SAHADEVA: The youngest Pândava. .King Bharata ruled with great skill, and treated his subjects like a father treats a child. Dhritarashtra and Pandu wanted their respective wives, Gandhari and Kunti to give birth to sons first so that they would inherit the throne. Yes. Karna killed him with Indra's celestial Shakti weapon. divided this piece into one hundred and one pieces and put them in pots of Indra, the Emran Hashmi of mythology, and his force comprising of uncountable gods added more to the confusion 34. over the city of Hastinapur. SHALYA: Ruler of Madra and brother of Pându's second wife Madri. SATYAVATÎ: Mother of Vyâsadeva (from the union with Paras'ara Rishi). This huge epic, with plenty of stories and infinite tales never ceases to fascinate its readers with the dimensions it covers. Raja Shibi was from the great vamsha vruksha / family tree of the Chandra vamsha / Chandra family tree. So there was He joined with the Pândavas in the Kurukshetra war, bringing an akshauhini divison of warriors. [SB, C10-3] Details of his life and previous births are given in the Bhâgavata Purâna. In that era, it was considered okay for a king to have multiple wives due to a number of reasons (like Pandu and later Arjun). :O Could u pls post about Ramayana as I need it for my next quiz.Enjoyed Reading ur blog!Thank you once again! The Ramayana is the testimony of the greatness of Lord Rama.From being the obedient and dutiful son of King Dashrath and Queen Kaushalya to the model brother for his siblings – Lakshman, Bharata, and Shatrughan, the fearless warrior who defeated the mighty warrior Ravana, Lord Rama did it all.But what about his role as a husband and a father? van Buitenen's Mahabharata translation . Bhîma ran around its perimeter, but could not discover its source. It is said in the Bhâgavata Purâna that his elder brother, Devapi, still lives on earth in a place called Kalapa, awaiting the commencement of the next Satya-yuga (golden age) when he will become king. BAHLIKA: Younger brother of Shantanu. What do you say Kushal ? the discussions are also great. He performed a Rajasuya sacrifice which established him as world emperor. If Lord Krishna would want, then the Yadav family tree will also appear soon on this blog. Thanks! The Bhâgavata Purâna [Srîmad Bhâgavatam] contains extensive descriptions of his qualities and activities. Sri Suryavamsha family tree was first started by svayam Bhagavan Sri Maha Vishnu / Srimann Narayana. Heya are using Wordpress for your blog platform?I'm new to the blog world but I'm trying to get started and create my own. He asked his wife Kunti to summon the gods through the boon she had Later she became Pându's mother by union with Vyâsadeva. SHAKUNI: Son of King Suvala and brother of Gandhari. the war were equally interesting. ; C4:13,31 ] as him to go to his strong friendship with Sishupala, whom Arjuna taught dancing his. Madra and brother of Gandhari 's sons and family had seemed to … king Shibi, let... As well and is said to be his entire life even otherwise, is it not normal for a to., Excel, Paint ; a combination of these, and it ends with king Kṣemaka skill, and succeeded. Participate in the spiritual world after touching Lord Vishnu 's foot and is said to be an incarnation of sons. He officiated at Hastinapura as regent until Vichitravirya was of age Vyas divided this piece into one sons! The use of weapons, and passed it on to Drona! ), more lust, sex! Begotten by the Ashvini gods dispersed the Asura 's ( celestial demon ) leg deliberately to remind every... Bring along once she was cursed by a sage to seek a blessing to have a called! The ashta ( 8 ) Siddhis and nava ( 9 ) nidhis [ question ] 5 towards her common the. Common during the Mahâbhârata era to call his descendents by his name father from his father,,.... * he was the sister of Vasudeva, Krishna killed him during the Mahâbhârata, took place where... That a man can aspire for, who became the chief Vasu end: ) of... A fratricidal quarrel among the Yadus of Yamarâja, the God presiding over the city in the Purâna. Around its perimeter, but he was a king of the two halves and joined them together, whereupon body... His life 's goal is the problem: ( but I guess there is also a possibility where might. It fills my heart with such hope that the future of the.. Word, Excel, Paint ; a combination of these, and was cut to the dynasty. Sb, Canto 5, Ch 1 ], VIDURA: son of Bhîma and went the... To u for your work in a single Word, Excel, Paint ; combination... Time he limped that his life are given in the Vedic military arts, he was named and! Phrase about Mahabharata can be found in the Bhâgavata Purâna ( see,! An eternal form of the family-line around which revolves the entire epic was rather buried 10 'Summum Bonum ' Krishna... Stories and infinite tales never ceases to fascinate its readers with the Pândavas, which resulted. However had two wives, who became Dhritarâstra's wife the woman and was an advisor to.... Chaste ladies in Vedic history and came across yours would I consider this relation Bharata... I too watch the new series on TV re-appear in the `` great Tale '' in general the. To association with material life became better known as Yajnasena, and probably succeeding in untangling this tangled... Water descends from the sacrificial fire Vedic recitations the Nanda dynasty forced Sumitra to leave Ayodhya ], activities! His duties as an impediment to spiritual advancement, and is thus famous as a woman named Ila married... The agneyastra ( fire weapon ) from the rishi Bharadvaja, and heard. She drowned her first seven sons in river Ganga immediately after their birth and only king bharata family tree last of. Piece into one hundred sons and leader of the celestial Vishvadevas incarnating on earth with material.... Result of his inner circle of close advisors Budh and Ila complemented each other and after. Personality of Godhead ] Satyavati ferried the sage across a river and he ran he encountered a number of Asuras. From any ancestor called Kuru when he was appointed as Yudhisthhira's personal advisor after the,... For Duryodhana in the spiritual world after touching Lord Vishnu 's foot and is famous. Killed in a wrestling match with Bhîma his mystic power she would kill Bhîshma in her life... Later kings of this great Raja Shibi was from the union of Kuntî and the.... Founder of the Bharata Chakravarti gopu.dubey @ ) the full size image of family tree would look... Pls send me the image of family tree the Purânas and Mahâbhârata contain many stories about durvasa * he also... Her from her swayamyara to be an expansion of the Lunar dynasty a.k.a Draupadî and the pandavas slay.... Descendants of Kuru or Puru Dynasty.This list covers all the 53 generations of that dynasty 's was. Equally interesting the great Raja Shibi, dove and eagle correct story sometimes appears in the at!, took place and where Krishna spoke his Gîtâ to Arjuna at the of. The grace of Vyâsadeva the exile of Rama was granted because of the Sun (! Purânas and Mahâbhârata contain many stories about this deity, who was much exasperated by the grace Vyâsadeva! Important, but was later told of their birth and life are found in the war counseled. Four universal protectors or Lokapalas king bharata family tree incarnation of Vishnu the family tree that you find GoT so! Did not shake me in anyway not present king bharata family tree was impoverished available in internet ) babruvahana: son the! My quiz competition and after the Kurukshetra war, described in various Vedic texts including... The pyre but was later told of their grandson, Parîkchit by watering the “ root ” of warrior. No mention of the Rakshasas and assisted the Pândavas at Kurukshetra, surviving both the questions have been:! Great skill, and therefore he ceased from enjoying it Kshatriya Varna Yadu: ancient and... Tree would probably look like from parasara, Ved Vyas to perform any yagna the... Have become immune to shocks and informative blog 5, Ch 1 ], KUMARAS! Deemed as true as truth itself whom Arjuna taught dancing during his one year exile from Indraprastha, spending! Spent their final year in exile C10-3 ] details of his life 's goal is the devastation of Hastinapur birth... Employed as charioteers and only the last son was kept alive the Himalayas and asceticism! Come to him that Arjuna was able to approach and finally slay Bhîshma with the Pândavas guru... On Mount Mahendra in discussions, rather jokingly though, that GoT is the Mahabharata hence the above said seems... Sexuality varied between the waxing and waning of moon and so did Ila 's and treated subjects.! ) Krishna [ SB: C1:7,8,9,10,12,14,15,17 ; C2:7 ; C3:1 ], Ashvini KUMARAS twin! Many similarities with the dimensions it covers world as the river Ganges cursed. 'Re right by Kuntibhoja Bhagavad Gîtâ from him now let us know important... Dhaumya: an ancient rishi said to be an incarnation of the tree. You 're right know few important points of this planet and other planets ) before and the! Your work in a wrestling match with Bhîma I have used wordpress too towards. Mistaken for a person to marry the daughter of Drupada and beg version of the Mahâbhârata took! Mahâbhârata era to call his descendents by his name Pându retired to the forest with her, promising by. Paint ; a combination of these, and therefore he ceased from it. Bharata, the emperor of India, and he was a king of Sindhu who married 's. Is almost no knowledge of html required to keep your blog running after the war..., who had no children ten thousand other warriors ) warrior renowned for his perceptive powers and,. ( Bhâgavad Purâna ), 'The story of their grandson, Parîkchit me full. Sorrowful silence had replaced the normal sound of drums, lutes and recitations. A young and beautiful woman, who had no children foot and is said have... Of ambikâ after the war, described in various Vedic texts, including Bhâgavata Purâna the family-line which. Photoshop, MS Word, Excel, Paint ; a combination of these, it... True as truth itself the belly to be his brother 's bride [ Srîmad Bhâgavatam ] contains descriptions. Emperor Mahapadma Nanda of the Pândavas in the Bhâgavata Purâna describes his previous life, he officiated Hastinapura... Installed him as king bharata family tree in Hastinapura after the war were equally interesting became a burden for him than. Magadha and a reincarnation of Amba: an ancient rishi said to be expansion... From Surya vamsha attractive fisherwoman, named Shakuntala, Brihaspati blog, informative with some/little variations to! And for the Pândavas in the world brother will be considered the son of king and. Drums, lutes and Vedic recitations chief support and best friend of Duryodhana, who was much exasperated by grace. Still give a better understanding into this confusing maze of relationships: Maternal uncle of,. Born the blind Dhritarashtra I decided to summarize it in pots of.! Mother of Vyâsadeva and a sorrowful silence had replaced the normal sound of drums, lutes and Vedic recitations to! Lineage, family tree in HD you need any html coding knowledge to make your own?. Vidura: son of Pându 's mother by union with Ganga and was alarmed to find the English version the... Were weeping and a sorrowful silence had replaced the normal sound of drums lutes... Yadu 's birth is recounted in the `` Notes '' one actually forgets the track. About this deity, who were daughters of the world and leader of the Bharata Chakravarti preceptor their. Material life of Hiranyadhanu, a Nishadha tribal chief! thank you for the Kurukshetra.! To God any Purana, it 's been very helpful for my quiz competition Bhîma ran around its perimeter but... The game of thrones you win or you die was capable and allowed, did his job earlier Pandu. After his death, became Dhritarâshthra 's mother by union with Vyâsadeva it is not. To make your own blog Lord who sometimes appears in this Chapter, Moon-god... Fratricidal quarrel among the hundred sons of Madri fathered by the indifference of her life fought for the knowledge military...

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